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Компания APPtrade  предоставляет услуги Private Label(прайвет лейбл, приват лейбл, СМТ)
Private Label- is the production of a product by a third-party manufacturer under your brand.
We take over the production work and provide quality goods for your brand.


Benefits for the TM owner:

  • expansion of commodity positions;

  • reduction in the cost of goods;

  • The uniqueness of the products;

  • Quick launch of new commodity items without own production;

  • Certified Products

Using the service Private Label you save money and time.

What you need to start production:

  • Conclude a contract with us for production

  • Decide on product specifications

  • Standard nomenclature position

  • Document confirming the intellectual property of STM

  • Coordinate label layout


Label layout requirements (if produced by us):

  • EPS file and CMYK color model

  • Tolerance on each outer side +1mm and inner side 3mm.

  • All colors must be glued. There should be no transparency.


Minimum order quantity for private label

Якорь 1
Якорь 2

Kitchen sponges - 1000 pcs.

Bath sponges - 1000 pcs.

Metal ruffs - 5000 pcs.


Stretch film - 1000 pcs.

Foil - 1000 pcs.

Parchment - 1000 pcs.


Garbage bags - 300 kg.

Garbage bags with strings - 500 kg.

The whole range can be produced according to your requirement, different design, color, shape, density.

Any questions?

Call for detailed information
067 610-40-44
067 561-42-86
Bondarchuk Bogdan Viktorovich.

Submit your application

Information sent. Thank you!

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