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The company "APPtrade" offers the production and sale of the best products

Our company provides you with modern high technologies in the field of production and sale of packaging products and household goods.

As well as ecological traditions, business reliability and attractive conditions for cooperation. Hygiene products, especially for personal use, are unthinkable to be sold without packaging, and most often these are various packaging made of flexible materials.

The company "APPtrade" offers the best conditions for cooperation.

Our mission

APPtrade's mission is to contribute to the economic development and well-being of the communities it serves by providing citizens and businesses with high quality flexible packaging solutions that meet high professional and ethical standards.


"APPtrade" offers comprehensive solutions for the production of high quality packaging materials and household goods.

Our company is one of the leading organizations operating in the flexible plastic packaging and household products industry. The main activity of the company has remained unchanged throughout its long history - the production of various high-tech film household products.

Without changing the traditions of quality production, our organization is constantly modernizing its own equipment.

Today we have one of the most modernly equipped factories in our industry.


Wide range of products

The well-established structure of the enterprise and the well-established interconnection of all departments ensure the fast and high-quality production of plastic packaging, bags, films, bath and kitchen sponges, foil, napkins, gloves and other types of household goods.

In addition to the above, in our company you can profitably buy baking parchment, viscose napkins, latex gloves, a baking sleeve and other household goods.

All products are offered at retail and wholesale from the manufacturer, so cooperation with us is beneficial for all interested parties.

As well as full satisfaction of the highest requirements and requirements of customers. Flexibility in interaction with customers, improved quality of production of goods and not only we offer for customers.


Polyethylene film can be supplied as low, medium or high density polyethylene film. It is absolutely food safe, recyclable and can be recycled in any way.

Our film is particularly suitable for automatic packaging processes due to its exceptional flexibility and excellent shrink properties.

It is a versatile tubular plastic film that can be extruded as a monolayer or co-product with multiple layers.

It can be printed in up to 10 different colors to make it the perfect advertising medium.


This oriented polypropylene film provides significantly better tear, impact and puncture resistance than other packaging materials.

Its high surface gloss and transparency will highlight your packaged products in the best light. In our catalog you will find such products as: kitchen sponge, food foil, cling film, napkin from microfiber and more.

And if you are interested in other products, for example, a bath sponge, then you can order it with fast delivery throughout Ukraine.


APPtrade offers polyethylene bags and bags which includes the most common sizes and styles used for all your food and non-food packaging needs. Constructed from multiple layers of poly, nylon, polyester, metallized or foil film, bags act as a barrier to the contents inside the bag (i.e. keep the food inside fresh).


Barrier properties are measured:

  • water vapor transmission rate;

  • oxygen transmission rate;

  • heat resistance;

  • puncture resistance;

  • tensile strength.

The pouches are designed in such a way that they can stand on their own when the product is in the pouches. This is due to the bottom insert which creates a solid base. Packets are stored flat for easy storage. Compared to cartons, these bags cannot be crushed. All this makes the bags ideal for retail. In addition, in the catalog you can find models of packages that have top zippers. They make them ideal for the convenience of customers to be able to seal and reseal packages.


Baking parchment

APPtrade offers baking parchment that is formulated to suit individual requirements - you decide what properties this protective film should have. It is a composite film made from various flame retardant materials. Our composition consists of 2-3 or more layers to ensure optimal protective properties, for example in terms of mechanical strength, oxygen and vapor impermeability or resistance to heat and weather conditions. Baking parchment is wound on reels and can be processed on fully automated packaging lines or bag converting machines.


Our advantages:

  • Film materials produced by "APPtrade":

  • We provide high-performance filling equipment.

  • Unparalleled print quality guaranteed.

  • Optimal cost.

Also in the list of our advantages:

  • Wide range of delivery terms.

  • Individual approach to problem solving.

  • Large selection of goods.

  • Guarantee of reliability in the production of products.

  • Free consultations for all clients.

  • Using the latest raw materials and equipment.


We make full use of rich experience and tradition, and constantly develop and open new horizons to offer you the best business opportunities. Our company believes that long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit play a key role in achieving success. In any partnership, we prioritize a win-win model, and a huge number of partners with whom we cooperate have rated us positively.

About company

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